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  • Real Estate Taxes are taxes against your land, buildings, minerals, and leased oil & gas.
  • Real Estate Taxes are mailed out on July 15 and if not paid by April 30 of the following year will be published delinquent with publication fees and interest added.
  • It is the taxpayers’ responsibility to know how many tax statements that they should be receiving and making sure that they have paid on all of the real estate that they own.
  • Real Estate Taxes are available online by clicking on the following link: TAX INQUIRY
  • Any changes to your Tax Statements regarding name, acreage, assessed value, class, removing buildings and adding improvements should be done in the Assessor’s Office. (304) 455-8216.
  • Current year taxes are based on how deeds were recorded on July 1 of previous year.
  • If you purchased property after July 1 of the previous year, the current taxes will be listed in the previous owner’s name. The tax statements will be mailed to you per the sales listing form that was filed with your deed.
  • In a Buyer/Seller situation, it is not the Tax Offices responsibility to pro-rate taxes. Per WV Code we cannot accept partial payments. Also, the Tax Office cannot advise you on who should be paying the taxes. All Tax Statements are mailed to the buyer when a sales listing form has been recorded. If you are not sure about who should be paying the taxes, it is your responsibility to research your closing for any agreements that may have been signed between buyer and seller regarding the payment of future taxes.
  • All Tax Statements are mailed to the owner. If you have an escrow with a mortgage company, it is your responsibility to mail the statements on to them for payment. You can check your taxes online to make sure that they are paid. If your mortgage company has not paid, it is your responsibility to contact them.
  • If Real Estate Taxes are delinquent and not paid prior to the Tax Lien Sale date, they will be sold to the highest bidder.
  • If Real Estate Taxes are sold at the Tax Lien Sale, they can be redeemed by contacting the State Auditor’s Office at (888) 509-6568, (304) 558-2262, or online at www.wvsao.gov. All redemptions must go thru the State Auditor’s Office. You may redeem your taxes up to the point that the purchaser records his deed. Once the deed is recorded, you lose all ownership of the real estate.

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