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County Assessor - Appealing Your Property Rights

An assessment appeal is not a complaint about higher taxes. It is an attempt to prove that your property's estimated current market value is not accurate. You can ask for a review of your assessment by the Assessor's Office at any time during the year if you believe either of two things:

  • Items that affect the value on your property record card are incorrect - you have one bath not two; you have a carport, not a garage.
  • The estimated market value is too high and you have evidence that similar properties have sold for less than the estimated market value of your property.

If you are not satisfied with the Assessor's Office review, you then have the opportunity to appear before the Board of Review and Equalization during the month of February each year. The Board is only concerned whether the value placed on your property is fair and accurate, not whether or not your taxes are too high. After the Board adjourns at the end of February, no changes in assessments can be made until the following year. If the taxpayer wants a hearing in October before the Board of Assessment and Appeals, application must be made by February 20.

The Sheriff's Tax Office is responsible for the layout, printing, and mailing of the tax bills. Questions regarding any of those processes should be directed to the Sheriff of Wetzel County. You should also pay your bill at the Sheriff's Tax Office. If you do not receive a bill and believe that you should have, questions regarding amounts due, delinquencies, or payment due dates should also be directed to the Sheriff's Office.


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